2023 Au rythme du paysage
07.10.2023 – 02.12.2023
With Linda Sanchez, guest artist
Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice

2023 Histoire d’eau
Opening on March 16, 2023
Gallery of the Versailles School of Fine Arts
11 rue St Simon 7800 Versailles

2019 BODY / VOICE Territories of the intimate
Curator Chiara Palermo
Opening Friday, September 27, 2019 from 18h
With presentation and signing of the book NU, Simone Simon, preface by David Le Breton, text by Chiara Palermo
Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice
Press kit

2017 Don’t watch the fox go by
Sound installation
With Gilles Miquelis, Living to death
Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice As part of the exhibition, Remembrance, reality or fiction? debate led by Chiara Palermo (curator, doctor of philosophy) and Jean-Pierre Joly (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst)

2015 Words
Slideshow of 7 minutes
In collaboration with the women and children residents of the CHRS, Les Yuccas

2014 Ainsi va la lumière
Guest artist : Joseph Dadoune

2011 Souriez, on se détruit
Guest artist : Nicolas Buissart
Abandoned house Villa Cameline
43 avenue Montplaisir – 06100 Nice

2009 The doors of St Pierre
Contemporary art gallery Christian Depardieu.

2007 Boxing club
Documentary film made in a suburb of Nice, directed by Simone Simon and Eric Antolinos
Awarded at Un festival, c’est trop court, Nice April 2008
Archived at the media library of the National Museum of the History of Immigration, Paris

2006 Nostalgia of the present
Exhibition of photographs from the book
FNAC, Monaco.

2006 Nostalgia for the present

2002 ” On the passage of some people through… “. 
“LE DOJO” Nice


2022 The model friend
Curator Mathieu Mercier, Mucem, Marseille
Mathieu Mercier proposes the glances of more than a hundred artists who have allowed themselves to be captured under the gaze of another. We can recognize Nina Childress under the features of Claude Closky, Catherine Pineau in the eye of Annette Messager, Mana Kikuta by Laurent Montaron, but also works by Françoise Pétrovitch, Caroline Mesquita, Bruno Peinado, Simone Simon, Sammy Engramer… the generations intermingle, including, for example, the young painters Christine Safa and Madeleine Roger-Lacan, both models and portraitists; certain figures respond to each other in the exercise of cross-portraits; Florence Obrecht and Axel Pahlavi are examples.

2021 Nomadic Project
On a project by Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac
Group exhibition, participating artists Simone Simon, Catherine Burki, Caroline Bouissou, Laura Giordanengo, Nicolas Daubanes, Florian de la Salle, Manon Rolland, Daniel Nadaud, Maëlle Labussière, Albane Hupin, Vincent Chenut, Alban Mori, Gabrielle Conilh de Beyssac and Jules Guissart, Marco Godinho, Massimiliano Baldassarri, Anne-Laure Wuillai, Olivia Barisano and Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac
Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice
from May 21 to June 19 Nomadic Project at Metaxu, artist space, Toulon

2020 1 meter of distance
Collective exhibition with Benoît Barbagli and Aimée Fleury, Tom Barbagli, Arnaud Biais, Evan Bourgeau, Pauline Brun, Anna Byskov, Marc Chevalier, Joseph Dadoune, Nicolas Daubanes, Kristof Everart, Anne Favret and Patrick Manez, Forstner Gregory, Camille Franch-Guerra, Jacqueline Gainon, Marie Genin, Anne Gérard, Alexandra Guillot Alice Guittard, Laurie Jacquetty, Sandra Lecoq, Gilles Miquelis, Frédérique Nalbandian, Gérald Panighi, François Paris, Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac, Caroline Rivalan, Omar Rodriguez Sanmartin, Justin Sanchez, Simone Simon, Cedric Teisseire, Florent Testa, Ben Vautier, Agnès Vitani, Agathe Wiesner, Anne-Laure Wuillai and Junko Yamasaki.
Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice

2019 Cabinet picnic, women artists
Video installation Voyage immobile, Curator Jean Dupuy
With Olga Adorno, Brigitte Cardinal, Catherine Cattaneo, Caroline Challan-Belval, Elena Ferrer, Jacqueline Gainon, Alexandra Guillot, yayoi Gunji, Yoko Gunji, Corinna Kiefer, Jeanne Le Guff, Louise Luc Kheloui, Stéphanie Marin, Evelyne Noviant, Jackie Monnier Matisse, Lola Parrot, Marinella Senatore, Franka Séverin, Simone Simon, Anna Tomaszewski

2016 Don’t watch the fox go by
Sound installation
Supervues, small area of contemporary art 
35 rooms, 35 artists
Burrhus Hotel, Vaison-la-Romaine

2016 Tribe
With Mathieu Alary, Pauline Brun, Joseph Dadoune, Sandra D. Lecoq, Kristof Everart, Gregory Forstner, Jacqueline Gainon, Anita Gauran, Alice Guittard, Philippe Jusforgues, Virginie Le Touze, Natacha Lesueur, Cécile Mainardi, Gilles Miquelis, Frédérique Nalbandian, Gérald Panighi, François Paris, Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac, Simone Simon, Ben Vautier, Agnès Vitani

2015 Once upon a time…
Sound piece
An exhibition of Jean Dupuy and his friends : Catherine Cattaneo & Gilbert Caty, Jean Dupuy, Philippe Boulard & Jean-Baptiste Gurly, Jean-Luc Parant, Thierry Lagalla, Simone Simon… Hôtel Burrhus, Vaison-la-Romaine

2015 A year of light
Group exhibition, 25 artists

2014 Stages 
Still travels, Flight of birds over a manade 
76 contemporary artists from around the Mediterranean
Grimaldi Castle-Museum, Cagnes-sur-Mer

2013 Se dérober…
Group exhibition
André Villers Museum of Photography – Porte Sarrazine – 06250 Mougins

2012/2013 Art at the slaughterhouse
Video directed by Simone Simon and Eric Antolinos
Presented at La Station in 2013
Archived at the media library of MAMAC, Nice

2011 I love women and I prove it
Collective exhibition
Artistic curator : Ben

2009 The doors of St Pierre
Meetings of photography, Arles
Hotel de Chartrouse