Corps / Voix Territoires de l'intime

Exhibition in 2019 at the Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice
  • What is your relationship with your body?

    Giving a voice to women so that they can express themselves on their experiences through their bodies is the main idea of this work. Some of the freedoms acquired during the previous decades are questioned, a wind of puritanism and sexism still blows. Equality between men and women remains a utopia. The women who participate in my project show courage and militancy, they question social, cultural and aesthetic diktats and show themselves as they are, without sophistication. They accept to pose naked and for most of them, it is the first time. By this action, they claim the freedom to dispose of their body as they want, they take a stand. They are of all ages, of different origins and backgrounds. Each of these women welcomed me in her home. The photographs, taken in natural light, reveal both the nudity of the bodies and the intimacy of an interior, of a living environment. Their testimonies, collected after each photo session, are similar on many points, they summarize the climate in which we live and emphasize the transformations of the body, desired or undergone.

    Simone Simon